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12012$63,058,430$77,018,953$0$4,716,339$84,079,186View 990
22011$69,874,469$90,796,824$0$1,906,156$87,894,773View 990
32010$63,768,764$87,895,943$0$1,639,771$34,871,917View 990
42009$12,263,413$67,362,500$0$10,000,000$59,605,228View 990

149 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1American Natural Gas AllianceAssociated Industries of Florida$5,0002012+
2American Natural Gas AllianceWaterfall Foundation$6,0002012+
3American Natural Gas AllianceTexas Conservative Coalition Research Institute$6,0002012+
4American Natural Gas AllianceIllinois Department of Agriculture$6,3002012+
5American Natural Gas AllianceDewey Square$6,5002012+
6American Natural Gas AllianceUTSA Rural Business Program$7,0002012+
7American Natural Gas AllianceIndependent Oil and Gas Association of New York$7,5002012+
8American Natural Gas AllianceColorado Municipal League$7,7502012+
9American Natural Gas AllianceAmerica's Promise Alliance$8,5002012+
10American Natural Gas AllianceWestern States Land Commissioners Association$10,0002012+
11American Natural Gas AllianceThe Texas Lyceum$10,0002012+
12American Natural Gas AllianceThe First Tee of Washington$10,0002012+
13American Natural Gas AllianceTexas FFA Foundation$10,0002012+
14American Natural Gas AllianceTaste of the South$10,0002012+
15American Natural Gas AllianceSouthern States Energy Board$10,0002012+
16American Natural Gas AllianceSouth Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association$10,0002012+
17American Natural Gas AllianceNational League of Cities$10,0002012+
18American Natural Gas AllianceMiddle Rio Grande Development Foundation$10,0002012+
19American Natural Gas AllianceFlorida Energy Summit$10,0002012+
20American Natural Gas AllianceThe Coshocton Foundation$10,5002012+
21American Natural Gas AllianceCommunity First Foundation$12,0002012+
22American Natural Gas AllianceThe New Deal$15,0002012+
23American Natural Gas AllianceTexas Motor Transportation Association$15,0002012+
24American Natural Gas AllianceInterstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission$15,0002012+
25American Natural Gas AllianceIllinois Manufacturers' Association$15,0002012+
26American Natural Gas AllianceGroundwater Protection Council$15,0002012+
27American Natural Gas AllianceGreat Lakes Convention LLC$15,0002012+
28American Natural Gas AllianceColorado Counties Inc.$15,0002012+
29American Natural Gas AllianceThe Energy Council$17,0002012+
30American Natural Gas AllianceTexas Black Expo$20,0002012+
31American Natural Gas AllianceCongressional Sportsmen's Foundation$20,0002012+
32American Natural Gas Alliance2012 PA GOP Delegation$20,0002012+
33American Natural Gas AllianceThird Way$25,0002012+
34American Natural Gas AllianceTexas Republican House Caucus$25,0002012+
35American Natural Gas AllianceTexas Economic Development Council$25,0002012+
36American Natural Gas AlliancePennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry$25,0002012+
37American Natural Gas AllianceOhioans For Change$25,0002012+
38American Natural Gas AllianceNALEO Educational Fund$25,0002012+
39American Natural Gas AllianceEnvironmental Media Association$25,0002012+
40American Natural Gas AllianceDemocratic Attorneys General Association$25,0002012+
41American Natural Gas AllianceChesapeake Energy Corp - Truthland Project$1,000,0002012+
42American Natural Gas AllianceEdventure Partners$864,6732012+
43American Natural Gas Alliance2012 Tampa Bay Host Committee$400,0002012+
44American Natural Gas AllianceHIS Global Inc.$250,0002012+
45American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican Governors Association$225,0002012+
46American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican State Leadership Committee$200,0002012+
47American Natural Gas AllianceTexas Tribune$165,0002012+
48American Natural Gas AllianceBloomberg Businessweek?$100,0002012+
49American Natural Gas AllianceCARE for Michigan Coalition$100,0002012+
50American Natural Gas AllianceThe United States Conference of Mayors$100,0002012+
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