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12014$5,731,451$9,237,182$9,311,753$4,582,000$9,898,002View 990
22013$5,745,285$9,466,746$9,360,660$4,039,865$8,501,056View 990
32012$4,765,060$5,218,850$5,193,313$2,262,523$5,668,954View 990
42011$5,220,121$6,380,488$6,309,253$2,411,880$5,185,371View 990
52010$4,024,198$3,904,994$3,906,508$890,300$3,011,226View 990
62009$3,130,431$3,243,275$3,232,978$1,148,100$4,026,103View 990
72008$3,913,324$5,810,775$5,766,683$3,107,745$7,063,196View 990
82007$5,165,680$10,533,755$10,443,330$3,989,636$8,061,302View 990
92006$2,693,672$7,035,750$6,855,656$3,695,450$7,299,338View 990
102005$2,957,260$6,989,290$6,883,856$1,887,900$4,391,152View 990
112004$359,122$4,265,240$4,181,879$2,592,468$4,701,450View 990
122003$795,332$1,816,449$1,809,423$1,007,600$2,729,879View 990
132002$1,708,762$2,131,683$1,872,972$64,350$2,020,758View 990

32 transactions on record as a donor.

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1Alliance for School ChoiceStep Up For Students$395,0002014+
2Alliance for School ChoiceBeacon Center$100,0002014+
3Alliance for School ChoiceBlack Alliance for Educational Options$770,0002014+
4Alliance for School ChoiceChildren's Scholarship Fund$325,0002014+
5Alliance for School ChoiceEducation Reform Now$55,0002014+
6Alliance for School ChoiceFoundation for Opportunity in Education$300,0002014+
7Alliance for School ChoiceGeorgia Center for Opportunity$400,0002014+
8Alliance for School ChoiceGreat Schools$80,0002014+
9Alliance for School ChoiceHispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options$119,0002014+
10Alliance for School ChoiceHispanics for School Choice Educational Trust$20,0002014+
11Alliance for School ChoiceIndianapolis Urban League$50,0002014+
12Alliance for School ChoiceLouisiana Association of Public Charter Schools$10,0002014+
13Alliance for School ChoiceParents for Education Freedom of North Carolina$940,0002014+
14Alliance for School ChoiceSchool Choice Indiana$465,0002014+
15Alliance for School ChoiceSchool Choice Ohio$500,0002014+
16Alliance for School ChoiceUrban League of New Orleans$50,0002014+
17Alliance for School ChoiceStep Up For Students$275,0002013+
18Alliance for School ChoiceArizona Cape$6,0002013+
19Alliance for School ChoiceBaton Rouge Area Foundation$2,0002013+
20Alliance for School ChoiceBeacon Center$676,0002013+
21Alliance for School ChoiceBlack Alliance for Educational Options$645,0002013+
22Alliance for School ChoiceCenter for an Educated Georgia$200,0002013+
23Alliance for School ChoiceGeorgia Center for Opportunity$100,0002013+
24Alliance for School ChoiceEducation Reform Now$52,5002013+
25Alliance for School ChoiceFoundation for Opportunity in Education$150,0002013+
26Alliance for School ChoiceGreat Schools$50,0002013+
27Alliance for School ChoiceHispanic Council for Reform Educational Options$60,0002013+
28Alliance for School ChoiceHispanics for School Choice Educational Trust$30,0002013+
29Alliance for School ChoiceIndianapolis Urban League$45,5002013+
30Alliance for School ChoiceParents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina$910,0002013+
31Alliance for School ChoiceSchool Choice Indiana$400,0002013+
32Alliance for School ChoiceSchool Choice Ohio$421,0152013+
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