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251Alliance Defending FreedomSouth Mountain Community Church$7,4062008+
252Alliance Defending FreedomPacific Justice Institute$10,0002008+
253Alliance Defending FreedomOklahoma Family Policy Council$7,5002008+
254Alliance Defending FreedomNational Religious Broadcasters$40,0002008+
255Alliance Defending FreedomLife Legal Defense Foundation$15,3252008+
256Alliance Defending FreedomLiberty Legal Institute$43,1742008+
257Alliance Defending FreedomJustice Advocates$6,0092008+
258Alliance Defending FreedomJames Madison Center for Free Speech Inc$77,5002008+
259Alliance Defending FreedomIndependence Law Center$41,6242008+
260Alliance Defending FreedomIndependence Law Center$36,7452008+
261Alliance Defending FreedomIndependence Law Center$15,5252008+
262Alliance Defending FreedomHuman life of Washington$65,0002008+
263Alliance Defending FreedomHouse Where Jesus Shine$14,8752008+
264Alliance Defending FreedomHome School Foundation$20,0002008+
265Alliance Defending FreedomGrace Church of North County$8,9502008+
266Alliance Defending FreedomGrace Christian School$5,6632008+
267Alliance Defending FreedomFidelis Center for Law and Policy$25,0002008+
268Alliance Defending FreedomFidelis Center for Law and Policy$25,0002008+
269Alliance Defending FreedomCornerstone Community Church$8,8102008+
270Alliance Defending FreedomConstitutional Restoration Institute$5,2502008+
271Alliance Defending FreedomCivil Liberties for Urban Believers$28,1372008+
272Alliance Defending FreedomCitizens for Community Values$7,5002008+
273Alliance Defending FreedomCitizens for Community Values$17,1212008+
274Alliance Defending FreedomChristian Legal Society$121,9242008+
275Alliance Defending FreedomCalifornia Family Council$15,0382008+
276Alliance Defending FreedomBeth-El All Nations$5,3462008+
277Alliance Defending FreedomAssociation of Christian Schools International$9,8962008+
278Alliance Defending FreedomAmerican Liberties Institute$5,1642008+
279Alliance Defending FreedomAdvocates For Faith and Freedom$10,0002008+
280Alliance Defending FreedomWorld Outreach Conference Center$10,0002007+
281Alliance Defending FreedomWomen's Injury Network$21,1152007+
282Alliance Defending FreedomThomas More Society$20,0002007+
283Alliance Defending FreedomThomas More Society$3,0612007+
284Alliance Defending FreedomJustice Foundation$2,5002007+
285Alliance Defending FreedomChristian Institute$14,4982007+
286Alliance Defending FreedomCenter for Arizona Policy$1,0002007+
287Alliance Defending FreedomTexas Right To life Committee Ed Fund$1,9932007+
288Alliance Defending FreedomTabor Baptist Church$4002007+
289Alliance Defending FreedomSouth Mountain Community Church$16,0202007+
290Alliance Defending FreedomRKIDS of Minnesota$3,0002007+
291Alliance Defending FreedomRedwood Christian School$10,0002007+
292Alliance Defending FreedomPotter's House Church$2,2692007+
293Alliance Defending FreedomPeople Against A Casino Town$9432007+
294Alliance Defending FreedomPennsylvania Family Institute$36,0752007+
295Alliance Defending FreedomPacific Justice Institute$19,5632007+
296Alliance Defending FreedomOklahoma Family Policy Council$8,0002007+
297Alliance Defending FreedomNew Jersey Family Policy Council$1,8312007+
298Alliance Defending FreedomNew Jersey Family Policy Council$5,7282007+
299Alliance Defending FreedomNew Hope Ministries Institute$50,7132007+
300Alliance Defending FreedomNational Legal Foundation$25,1222007+
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