185 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

101Alliance CoalBlanche Lincoln$1,0002009+
102Alliance CoalByron L. Dorgan$1,0002009+
103Alliance CoalGeoff Davis$2,0002009+
104Alliance CoalMike Ross$1,0002009+
105Alliance CoalEric Cantor$1,0002009+
106Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$2,0002009+
107Alliance CoalEd Whitfield$2,0002009+
108Alliance CoalAnne Healey$5002009+
109Alliance CoalKentucky House Democratic Caucus Campaign Committee$2,5002009+
110Alliance CoalBrandt Hershman$1,0002009+
111Alliance CoalJason Altmire$1,0002009+
112Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$2,0002009+
113Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$3,0002009+
114Alliance CoalDan Boren$2,0002009+
115Alliance CoalEvan Bayh$2,5002009+
116Alliance CoalHal Rogers$2,0002009+
117Alliance CoalRuss Stilwell$5002009+
118Alliance CoalKreg Battles$5002009+
119Alliance CoalSteven Brett Guthrie$5,0002008+
120Alliance CoalRoscoe G. Bartlett$1,0002008+
121Alliance CoalAnne M. Northup$2,0002008+
122Alliance CoalMitch Daniels$5,0002008+
123Alliance CoalAnne M. Northup$2,0002008+
124Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$2,5002008+
125Alliance CoalAnne M. Northup$1,0002008+
126Alliance CoalRick Boucher$1,0002008+
127Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$2,5002008+
128Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$2,5002008+
129Alliance CoalJoe Barton$1,0002008+
130Alliance CoalAlbert R. Wynn$1,0002008+
131Alliance CoalJay Rockefeller$2,0002008+
132Alliance CoalAnne Healey$1,0002008+
133Alliance CoalDan Boren$2,0002008+
134Alliance CoalHoward P. (Buck) Mckeon$1,0002008+
135Alliance CoalAnne M. Northup$2,0002008+
136Alliance CoalAmeriPAC$5,0002008+
137Alliance CoalAmeriPAC$5,0002008+
138Alliance CoalKentucky House Democratic Caucus Campaign Committee$2,5002008+
139Alliance CoalKyle D. Loveless$5002008+
140Alliance CoalMitch McConnell$1,0002008+
141Alliance CoalBrandt Hershman$1,0002008+
142Alliance CoalJoe Manchin III$1,0002008+
143Alliance CoalAlan B. Mollohan$1,0002008+
144Alliance CoalBrad Ellsworth$1,0002008+
145Alliance CoalEd Whitfield$1,0002008+
146Alliance CoalGeoff Davis$1,0002008+
147Alliance CoalShelley Moore Capito$1,0002008+
148Alliance CoalStan Shaver$5002008+
149Alliance CoalTim Murphy$1,0002008+
150Alliance CoalBob Williams$5002008+
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