185 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Alliance CoalRepublican Governors Association$250,0002012+
2Alliance CoalRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002012+
3Alliance CoalAndy Harris$3,0002011+
4Alliance CoalDavid McKinley$2,5002011+
5Alliance CoalMorgan Griffith$1,0002011+
6Alliance CoalNational Republican Congressional Committee$2,5002011+
7Alliance CoalEd Whitfield$2,5002011+
8Alliance CoalNational Republican Congressional Committee$2,5002011+
9Alliance CoalBobby Jindal$2,5002011+
10Alliance CoalJames M. Inhofe$2,5002011+
11Alliance CoalTFP-FOJB Committee$5,0002011+
12Alliance CoalNational Mining Association$5,0002011+
13Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$5,0002011+
14Alliance CoalRepublican Party of Kentucky$5,0002011+
15Alliance CoalTFP-FOJB Committee$5,0002011+
16Alliance CoalDavid McKinley$2,5002011+
17Alliance CoalEd Whitfield$2,5002011+
18Alliance CoalJohn M. Shimkus$2,5002011+
19Alliance CoalFred Upton$2,5002011+
20Alliance CoalFreedom Project$2,5002011+
21Alliance CoalJohn Boehner$2,5002011+
22Alliance CoalBill Maloney$1,0002011+
23Alliance CoalKentucky House Democratic Caucus Campaign Committee$2,5002011+
24Alliance CoalEarl Ray Tomblin$1,0002011+
25Alliance CoalJames R. Comer$1,0002011+
26Alliance CoalSteven L. Beshear & Jerry E. Abramson$1,0002011+
27Alliance CoalMitt Romney$5,0002011+
28Alliance CoalTodd P'Pool$1,0002011+
29Alliance CoalFitz Steele$1,0002011+
30Alliance CoalBill Maloney$1,0002011+
31Alliance CoalBill Maloney$1,0002011+
32Alliance CoalJim Gooch Jr.$1,0002011+
33Alliance CoalRoy Blunt$5,0002010+
34Alliance CoalRand Paul Victory Kentucky$10,0002010+
35Alliance CoalDan Malano Seum$1,0002010+
36Alliance CoalKentucky House Democratic Caucus Campaign Committee$2,5002010+
37Alliance CoalDan Boren$2,4002010+
38Alliance CoalJoe Donnelly$2,0002010+
39Alliance CoalMike Templeman$2,0002010+
40Alliance CoalMike Templeman$3,0002010+
41Alliance CoalSteven Brett Guthrie$1,0002010+
42Alliance CoalLeslie A. Combs$5002010+
43Alliance CoalKeith W. Hall$5002010+
44Alliance CoalHal Rogers$2,0002010+
45Alliance CoalRob Portman$5,0002010+
46Alliance CoalJohn Sullivan$2,0002010+
47Alliance CoalPat Toomey$5,0002010+
48Alliance CoalJason Altmire$1,0002010+
49Alliance CoalPat Toomey$5,0002010+
50Alliance CoalRob Portman$5,0002010+
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