390 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

351Abstraction FundHudson Institute$15,0002009+
352Abstraction FundHudson Institute$25,0002009+
353Abstraction FundHudson Institute$20,0002009+
354Abstraction FundInstitute for Jewish and Community Research$15,0002009+
355Abstraction FundInternational Sephardic Education Foundation$3752009+
356Abstraction FundInvestigative Project on Terrorism$15,0002009+
357Abstraction FundJewish Institute for National Security Affairs$3,0002009+
358Abstraction FundJewish Institute for National Security Affairs$5002009+
359Abstraction FundManhattan Institute for Policy Research$1,0002009+
360Abstraction FundManhattan Institute for Policy Research$25,0002009+
361Abstraction FundManhattan Institute for Policy Research$25,0002009+
362Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5002009+
363Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$15,0002009+
364Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5002009+
365Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$1,0002009+
366Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$1,0002009+
367Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$1,0002009+
368Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$1,5002009+
369Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$10,0002009+
370Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$15,0002009+
371Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$20,0002009+
372Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5,0002009+
373Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5002009+
374Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5002009+
375Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$3,0002009+
376Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5,0002009+
377Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5,0002009+
378Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$5002009+
379Abstraction FundMiddle East Forum$10,0002009+
380Abstraction FundNational Christian Leadership Conference for Israel$10,0002009+
381Abstraction FundNational Review Institute$10,0002009+
382Abstraction FundNine/Eleven Finding Answers Foundation$5,0002009+
383Abstraction FundThe Atlantic Bridge$3,0002009+
384Abstraction FundTraditional Values Coalition$12,5002009+
385Abstraction FundUJA-Federation of New York$30,0002009+
386Abstraction FundUJA-Federation of New York$30,0002009+
387Abstraction FundWashington Institute for Near East Policy$10,0002009+
388Abstraction FundYouth Towns of Israel$10,0002009+
389Abstraction FundZionist Organization of America$2,0002009+
390Abstraction FundZionist Organization of America$10,0002009+
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