390 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

301Abstraction FundPasteur Foundation$1,5002010+
302Abstraction FundProject Ijtihad$5,0002010+
303Abstraction FundSt. Francis College$2,0002010+
304Abstraction FundThe Atlantic Bridge$5,0002010+
305Abstraction FundThe Atlantic Bridge$5,0002010+
306Abstraction FundThe Claremont Institute$7502010+
307Abstraction FundThe Harbour League$2252010+
308Abstraction FundU.S. Friends of the Helen Bamber Foundation$10,0002010+
309Abstraction FundU.S. Friends of the Helen Bamber Foundation$10,0002010+
310Abstraction FundVirgin Planet$3,0002010+
311Abstraction FundYoung America's Foundation$1,0002010+
312Abstraction FundZionist Organization of America$5,0002010+
313Abstraction FundCentral Fund of Israel$10,0002009+
314Abstraction FundCenter for Security Policy$10,0002009+
315Abstraction FundCenter for Security Policy$10,0002009+
316Abstraction FundCenter for Security Policy$5,0002009+
317Abstraction FundCenter for Near East Policy Research$5,0002009+
318Abstraction FundCenter for Jewish Community Studies$10,0002009+
319Abstraction FundCenter for Jewish Community Studies$20,0002009+
320Abstraction FundCenter for Jewish Community Studies$10,0002009+
321Abstraction FundCenter for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia$1,0002009+
322Abstraction FundCenter for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia$1,0002009+
323Abstraction FundBest Friends Foundation$10,0002009+
324Abstraction FundAmericans for Prosperity Foundation$5,0002009+
325Abstraction FundAmericans for Peace and Tolerance$1,0002009+
326Abstraction FundAmerican Spectator Foundation$10,0002009+
327Abstraction FundAmerican Spectator Foundation$10,0002009+
328Abstraction FundAmerican Israel Education Foundation$2,0002009+
329Abstraction FundAmerican Institute for Stuttering$2,0002009+
330Abstraction FundAmerican Friends of the Israel Museum$1,2502009+
331Abstraction FundAmerican Forum for New Immigrants in Israel$10,0002009+
332Abstraction FundChristians for Fair Witness on the Middle East$10,0002009+
333Abstraction FundCommittee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America$10,0002009+
334Abstraction FundCommittee to Reduce Infection Deaths$5002009+
335Abstraction FundCommittee to Reduce Infection Deaths$15,0002009+
336Abstraction FundCommittee to Reduce Infection Deaths$6,0002009+
337Abstraction FundCompetitive Enterprise Institute$2,0002009+
338Abstraction FundDavid Horowitz Freedom Center$5,0002009+
339Abstraction FundDavid Horowitz Freedom Center$1,0002009+
340Abstraction FundElie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity$10,0002009+
341Abstraction FundFederation for American Immigration Reform$5,0002009+
342Abstraction FundFoundation for Defense of Democracies$15,0002009+
343Abstraction FundGeorge Washington Institute for Religious Freedom$5002009+
344Abstraction FundHonestReporting$1,0002009+
345Abstraction FundHudson Institute$20,0002009+
346Abstraction FundHudson Institute$5,0002009+
347Abstraction FundHudson Institute$10,0002009+
348Abstraction FundHudson Institute$15,0002009+
349Abstraction FundHudson Institute$20,0002009+
350Abstraction FundHudson Institute$25,0002009+
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