31 candidates on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
1Tom DeLay25
2Todd Tiahrt22
3Tim Pawlenty13
4Ted Poe12
5Ted Cruz10
6Tom Coburn8
7Tim Hutchinson7
8Tim Walberg6
9Tom Rooney5
10Tim Scott5
11Tom Cotton5
12Tom Graves4
13Tom Kean3
14Tommy Thompson2
15Ted Kennedy2
16Tom Cole2
17Tom Smith2
18Tom Price2
19Trent Franks2
20Tim Griffin2
21Tom Reiser2
22Tim Huelskamp2
23Tom Reynolds2
24Tom Leppert1
25Trent Lott1
26Tom Corbett1
27Todd Young1
28Tim Michels1
29Tom Reed1
30Tom Foley1
31Tom McClintock1
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