379 candidates on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
351Jim Jeffords1
352Howard Cannon1
353Tom Reed1
354John Kline1
355Christine O'Donnell 1
356Danny Tarkanian1
357Marilyn Musgrave1
358Michael L Williams1
359Janet Jeghelian1
360Al Gore1
361Richard Hanna1
362Olympia Snowe1
363Glen Urquhart1
364Frank Wolf1
365Joe Liberman1
366Steve King1
367Kevin Yoder1
368Tom Leppert1
369Bill Johnson1
370William Weld1
371Nan Hayworth1
372Richard Baker1
373Quico Canseco1
374Bill Binnie1
375Mario Diaz-Balart1
376Kenny Marchant1
377Kirk Adams1
378Philip Krinkie1
379Gary Trauner1
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