379 candidates on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
251Richard Pombo2
252John Melcher2
253John Linder2
254Nathan Tabor2
255Greg Walcher2
256Dan Liljenquist2
257Lucille Lusk2
258Dave Camp2
259Charles Stenholm2
260Mike Bouchard2
261Peter Wareing2
262Hillary Clinton2
263Norma Smith2
264Ted Kennedy2
265Tom Price2
266Phil Sudan2
267Ben Nighthorse Campbell2
268Tommy Thompson2
269Richard Buirr2
270Bill Binnie1
271Mario Diaz-Balart1
272Frank Wolf1
273Kirk Adams1
274Howard Cannon1
275Philip Krinkie1
276Steve King1
277Nan Hayworth1
278Tom Leppert1
279Richard Baker1
280William Weld1
281Lincoln Diaz-Balart1
282Quico Canseco1
283John Kline1
284Michael Grimm1
285Kenny Marchant1
286Marilyn Musgrave1
287Bob Bennett1
288Gary Trauner1
289Daniel McDonald1
290Jim Ogonowski1
291Will McBride1
292Demaris Miller1
293Walt Minnick1
294Peter Torkildsen1
295Ralph Norman1
296Dana Walsh1
297Chris Gibson1
298Mike Lee1
299Jim Clyburn1
300William J. Federer1
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