379 candidates on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
201Douglas Forrester2
202Bob Dole2
203Nikki Haley2
204John Warner2
205Dennis Ross2
206Ron DeSantis2
207Trent Franks2
208Andy Ewing2
209Peter Roskam2
210Melissa Hart2
211Deb Fischer2
212Mark Udall2
213Claude Hutchinson2
214Scott Garrett2
215Charlie Summers2
216Richard Pombo2
217Mike Simpson2
218Brad Barton2
219Virginia Foxx2
220Tom Smith2
221Steve Buehrer2
222John Melcher2
223John Linder2
224Lamar Alexander2
225Greg Walcher2
226Dave Camp2
227Chris Smith 2
228Lucille Lusk2
229Ted Kennedy2
230Tom Price2
231Charles Stenholm2
232Peter Wareing2
233Hillary Clinton2
234Richard Buirr2
235Nathan Tabor2
236Phil Sudan2
237Tommy Thompson2
238Jim Risch2
239Chet Edwards2
240Tim Griffin2
241Dan Liljenquist2
242Norma Smith2
243Jerry Moran2
244Paul Laxalt2
245Jeff Duncan2
246Mike Bouchard2
247Fred Thompson2
248Sandy Treadwell2
249Ben Nighthorse Campbell2
250Michele Rollins2
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