31 candidates on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
1Connie Mack13
2Conrad Burns7
3Carly Fiorina7
4Chuck Schumer6
5Chris Hackett6
6Chic Hecht6
7Craig Thomas5
8Chuck Hagel5
9Chris Chocola4
10Clay Shaw4
11Cynthia Lummis4
12Cathy McMorris Rodgers4
13Charlie Dent4
14Charlie Ross4
15Charles Boustany4
16Chuck Grassley3
17Christine Todd Whitman3
18Chris Smith 2
19Chet Edwards2
20Charles Stenholm2
21Charlie Summers2
22Claude Hutchinson2
23Chris Gibson1
24Candice Miller1
25Craig S Miller1
26Carl Isett1
27Chuck Kozak1
28Chris Dodd1
29Cory Gardner1
30Christine O'Donnell 1
31Claire McCaskill1
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